The Ups And Downs of Web Hosting

Web hosting, like anything else, has its ups and downs. We shall look at the different types of hosts and their advantages and disadvantages.

Ups and Downs of Free web hosting

Some people love free web hosting because for starters; it is free (who doesn’t like free stuff?). The next best thing for a free hosting provider is the freedom to customize your page as you like (within the limits of the available tools and feature). This sets you apart from all other sites as you can bring into reality a vision that is unique to only you.
However, free web hosting has a downside to it too. The first disadvantage is the fact that it is not ideal for those just soaking their feet into the e-commerce world for the first time. It will not only waste a lot of your time trying to figure out all those complicated tools, but it may also end terribly for your entire site. If you are tech savvy, then this is a good gig for you. However, newbies may get lost in the turmoil of it all.
Another downside to using free web hosting providers is the fact that they may provide you with a bogus domain name for your site. Some of them are notorious for that. Domain name registration is an important part of landing an e-commerce site thus should be handled carefully. Do not just go for every free thing without looking it up. Thank goodness there are sites like   Whois ( to check for legit domain names or Shopify to check your domain availability, you just need to check Shopify

Ups and Downs of USA web Hosting

Most people prefer getting a hosting provider from the States because of their tech prowess. They come in handy when it comes to building a page from the ground up. They will provide you with the latest Top Level Domains (TLDs) and answer your questions such as clarifying what is GTLD Name from NTLD Name. For your information, GTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domain while NTLD is New Top Level Domain. They each have their attractive qualities, but their common feature is the fact that most are Premium Domains. You will require part with some cash to get these high prices domains working.

USA web hosting provides cheap web hosting services as well. So if you are hard on cash, you will be in luck. Some even go as far as offering cloud hosting services where e-commerce owners share a common space on the internet to store their data and site applications.

The downside of using USA host providers is the increasing number of hackers laying threats to site privacy and data protection. This is one of the reasons Canadian based e-commerce owners are using Canadian web hosting. They find that they have extra measures to deal with hackers with legislation put in place in their country. Additionally, they are in a better position to track and visit the physical location of a host who messed up their site.


With so many types of Domain names on the internet, be sure to run them through to figure out their availability and legit nature. Many malicious hosts are handing out domain extensions that they fully know have been blacklisted in various search engines. The worst part is if you paid for the domain before looking it up. It would be a heartbreaking affair to start a page with such a poor beginning. Therefore, it is better to go the extra mile and find out how legit a domain name is before using it. It does not matter if your host provider swears by their dead mother how legit the name is. Domain names are the first point of connection between you and your client.

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