How to Choose the Right Domain

How to Choose the Right Domain

Before even considering the company to work on your domain hosting, you first need to choose a website name. This is because it is a major determinant of how well the site will perform. People always relate the website to the name that it goes with. Thus, when launching a new website, domain name registration obviously comes first even before getting a web host. This article expounds on the general concerns that one should consider.

v The .COM factor

Despite the assumptions placed on the .com search engine, it is very critical to determining the traffic you attract to your site. This is because it appeals more to web surfers as compared to other search engines.

v Trademarks and their applications

This involves instances where you attach the name of a powerful company alongside your domain name. While they assist in generating quick traffic, they can be dangerous in the long run. This is because the company can sue you especially if your site becomes too popular. This will, in turn, lead to very expensive legal charges or fines imposed that will not have been worth the risk in the first place.

v Avoid dashes and numbers

The thing with numbers and dashes on domain names is that they tend to bore web users and search engines as well. Therefore, when in the search for a domain name be patient as not all the possible options could be taken.

v “Brandable” domains

This majorly involves those websites that quickly stick to people’s minds without much effort. It calls for you to select a name so unique yet very impressive. It is advisable to keep the site name as short as possible for easier memorization.

v Discoverable domains

The main advantage of these types of domains is that they quickly rhyme with the search engines. They also give the web surfer a quick rough idea of what is entailed in the website. They are keyword rich and hence as a downside can be very expensive to purchase and also tough to market.


Domain name generators are sites that can help you come up with a website name which in a way advertises your products. Therefore, if you are not looking to re-invent the wheel, then a considerable path is buying an already registered domain. Here, you get to select from a wide variety or list the one that can suit you best.


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