What You Need to Know About Domain Hosting

What You Need to Know About Domain Hosting

Hosting put in the simplest words is the act of housing a website just as the name implies. Therefore, it mainly involves a computer or company that provides the services of storing websites for the owner or other people. The specific computer that hosts websites is referred to as a server. The server stores the website’s data and provides the appropriate internet connection. This enables people who surf the internet to view the site. The server is responsible for sending and receiving requests as per the specifications of the individual browsing.

Ø Personal vs. professional hosting

Pretty much anyone can set up their server on their home computer. This is however not a recommended option. Why? The reasons are numerous. First and foremost is the issue of the power requirements that come with servers. Another reason is the fact that you will have a dynamic IP address. A personal server will also lead to a slow internet connection and the costs incurred to maintain the hardware will be far too high.

When you compare the above with the fact that many companies are offering professional hosting services at a low price, there is no need to set up your personal computer as a server. Hiring a web host also means that there will be redundant power supply as well as a static IP address. This leads to an ultra-fast and stable connection. There will be fewer worries for you about the maintenance of the respective hardware since the hosting company hires professional for that.

Ø Domain registration and hosting relationship

There are many instances where domain registration and hosting are offered combined, but you need to know the difference. Registration involves getting a specific web address for your site. This is only peculiar to your website, and it is how people will reach your site by typing the address. After registration one gets a domain name for example www.domain.com. Hosting, however, should not be confused since it is where the domain resides.


There are several methods you can choose for obtaining the two domain services. One is where you get a combined deal for a low price. Another mode is where the domain and the hosting come as two separate deals. This can be from the same company or even from two different companies each with their policy.


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