The Best Point of Sales System for your Business

Do you know that a good Point of Sales system is used not only for payment processing but also for a few other things that can help your business? For example, many business owners are using POS systems to manage orders and inventory. It seems that the latest systems of this kind are coming equipped with more and more features that business owners find helpful. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling clothes or you are managing a restaurant, you will definitely find modern POS systems useful.

Speed, security, flexibility, cost, special features – these are just some of the things that you must take into account before selecting a POS system for your business. Since there are literally dozens of options out there, it will take days to conduct research. We know that business owners and managers are busy people and they don’t have time for in-depth research like this, and that’s why we have created a list of the best POS systems which have a great record.


Shopify is one of the leaders in the world of eCommerce thanks to their powerful platform which allows users to create and manage online stores with ease. Of course, over time they have developed tools that can help business owners even more like Point of Sales system.

What’s great is that Shopify POS represents a service that is quite simple to install and use. It is also customizable which means that you can adjust it to the specific needs of your business.

There are three different subscription plans to choose from and even the basic one includes interesting and helpful features. What many people like about Shopify POS is that you can use a wide array of eCommerce tools like shipping label printing, inventory tools, a chance to create discount campaigns and more. You can even use reporting tools in this way. Keep in mind that with Shopify POS you can expect a free 14-day trial period which is enough time to figure out how this system works and what you can get from it. Of course, just like any other system, this one has some potential downsides like no free version and a limited number of reporting tools and features.


QuickBooks is a POS designed and published by Inuit, the famous accounting software developer. Taking care of your inventory is a difficult job, but with the help of a system like QuickBooks, it can become quite easy. This system, which includes a hardware part and a software part, offers three plans. What makes QuickBooks POS different is that you have to pay just once to use this tool. In other words, there is no monthly subscription fee. Many people are complaining that the system of fees is a little bit complicated and hard to track because they have different fees for each payment method and the fee also depends on the size and nature of the transaction.

On the other side, if you decide to use QuickBooks POS, you can expect fast and easy integration with Inuit’s software solutions. In addition, you can integrate this system with a few other third-party solutions that can help your business. All in all, QuickBooks POS is a relatively expensive solution (the initial investment is high) and this solution is not compatible with iPad. However, there are few positive things about it like the fact that you can integrate it with Intuit software or that there are no monthly fees that you should take care of. Finally, remember that this solution is compatible with Windows-based smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Square POS

Square POS is one of the rare top-rated free POS systems. This is also a system that you can use without any hassles even if you have never used a POS system before. All these things mean that Square POS is simple, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks features. On the contrary, it has a set of powerful tools that modern businesses need.

You can find many mobile businesses like boutique retail shops which use Square POS. So, it’s also a nice mobile solution for those who need mobile POS systems. The mobile functionality allows users to take payments from their customers wherever they are.

Thanks to this solution you can expect in-depth analytics and reporting tools and you will also have an opportunity to issue and send invoices, check employee shifts and handle multiple locations. It’s possible to manage an email marketing campaign, discount campaign, gift card program and more.

Of course, this is not a perfect POS solution and it has some disadvantages too. For example, if you compare the transaction fees found here you will notice that they are slightly higher than the fees asked by most POS systems out there. But, if you are ready to opt for the paid plan, you will lower these fees. In any case, users can expect transparent transaction fees.


Experienced business owners and managers know that taking care of inventory can be a daunting task. However, modern technology allows business owners to handle this activity without any problems. With a tool like ShopKeep, you can handle inventory with ease. This is actually a POS solution which comes with many inventory management tools as well as with other tools that can help any modern business.

What’s great is that you don’t have to worry about the number of products you have because there are no limits when it comes to using ShopKeep. With a few clicks, you can get information about the most popular products in your offer and real-time alerts if there is a low number of some products. The ShopKeep system also manages employee payroll.

What’s great is that you don’t need to sign an annual contract because ShopKeep offers a month-to-month subscription. ShopKeep POS has a user-friendly hardware and software design and it also provides professional customer support which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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